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Women - hair removal

Being attractive raises a woman's opinion of herself and looking her best makes her feel good and more self assured.  Having smooth skin that is hair-free will give you confidence to bare yourself to the world.

Facial Hair

Chin, cheek and lip hairs are frequently so obvious that many women tweeze, wax, thread or shave daily to combat the growth.  Over 75% of all women have some sort of facial hair problem. 


Hairlines should compliment the shape of your face. Hairlines can be heightened to those who have low foreheads or a short face.  Side burns and baby hairs can also be removed for a clean natural look.


Eyebrows can be shaped permanently and done beautifully and in a natural looking way. Today, many women tweeze day after day to keep their eyebrows in constant shape. Save yourself time and get your eyebrows shaped and permanently removed by an expert.

Arms & Under Arms

Arms and under arms can be cleared with a minimum of effort.  Removing under arm hair inhibits the breeding place for bacteria that causes under arm odors. 

Legs & bikini

Skirts, shorts and reveling bathing suits call for hairless, satiny legs which are smooth at a glance and silky to the touch. Great for women who don't like to shave legs daily or for those who suffer from ingrown bikini hair.

Breast & Abdomen

Most women do have hair here but with the trend of low cut dresses and skimpy bathing suits, this hair can be unsightly. This area can be cleared with minimum effort so why not have it permanently removed by an electrologist leaving you to feel carefree. 

Men - Hair removal

Many men who want hair permanently removed seek an electrologist.  The modern man today is a well groomed and kept individual who enjoys looking attractive.

Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can be a very serious problem for many men. With nicks from a misdirected blade, and very sensitive skin, the hairs on the face and neck are susceptible to becoming ingrown.  Many areas which have an abundance of hair growth are prone to have ingrown hairs, which are a cause of constant irritation and annoyance.  Electrolysis is the only answer for these men. 


Thinning or removing beards are common cases to an electrologist.  The daily routine from shaving and the after effects are anything but welcome in the morning.  Many men are amazed with the thinned out beard "how easy it is to shave and no 5 o'clock shadow."  You'll find that with less of a beard your face will look lighter, brighter and years younger.


Uni-brows and other untrimmed hairs can spoil an attractive man's appearance.  Open up your eye area and refresh your look with the removal of a few hairs.

BacK & chest

Hair on the back can be unwanted.  Men like to make themselves cleaner, neater and groom all over.  Feel confident and proud of your physic and enjoy some sun on your smooth manscaped back and chest.  The nape is also a area that has unwanted hairs to remove for a tidy neat look.


Large hairs growing out of the ears are unattractive.  These hairs often are hard to remove because they are hard to see! Removal of ear bristles will save you time and embarrassment.  Hairs that grow on the top of the nose should certainly be removed. 

hands & feet

A firm hand shake is what how we meet others. Hair on the top of the hands can look unkept and untidy.  For a clean look, remove a few or all hair from the the hands to reveal handsome looking hands.  Same goes with feet.